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Our Mission

We are here to bridge the gap in the health care system and to reinforce and teach basic skills to improve our clients’ nervous system and overall wellness. We are a group of young professionals who have spent the better part of a decade figuring how at a deep level the implications of stress, pain and anxiety on the body and mind. The Fitsom Method is based off of 4 pillars - Mindset, Breathing, Massage & Movement and teach all 4 pillars in group classes and one-on-ones.



We believe that everything starts and ends with your mind.


Our Studio

It’s been a crazy ride since we opened back in 2011. We have evolved into a modern, versatile wellness studio. We are inviting you to be part of our stress-free community!



SELF MYOFASCIAL RELEASE | Self massage techniques that utilize an assortment of tools, combined with focused breath, to help relieve pain, release muscle tension, diminish anxiety levels and increase awareness.


Our Team

At Fitsom, we teach simple self-care practices backed by science, with the goal of fostering awareness and getting the nervous system out of fight or flight and into a calm, creative, fit state of mind. Join the Fitsom Family.



Techniques used to control the nature of the breath in order to control the state of the body and the mind. Calm the nervous system in situations that trigger stress + anxiety.



We offer monthly workshops and community events! If you are interested in hosting an event or workshop, click the link below.



We began as your typical Cross Fit style gym years ago. After working with many clients over years, we noticed people were hitting more setbacks than milestones, and we set out to do something about it. Today, we help people develop a sustainable self care practice to keep both body and mind, balanced and healthy.


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We are Fitsom. A community of like-minded people striving to get better, both mentally & physically. In life, there are always going to be ups and downs. You can’t have the good without the bad. You can’t have success without failure. No matter what obstacles you face, a big part of the outcome is your mindset. We believe that having a fit state of mind is one of the best ways to navigate through life!

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