What is Fitsom Meditation?

Traditionally, the practice of meditation is spiritual in nature, with a goal of achieving enlightenment. Many different religious beliefs incorporate meditation into their dogmatic practice, bringing them closer to their deity through regular rehearsal. At Fitsom, we have adapted traditional meditation to be a non-dogmatic, cognitive practice based on science. The goal of Fitsom Meditation is to establish and build resilience so that the student is better equipped in the face of stress, anxiety, and pain — all natural parts of human life.


We utilize meditation in a broad sense, as any practice that brings up awareness, allowing for the student to become open and receptive. In this modern world we live in today, life is often chaotic. It’s easy to feel run by the clock, feel busy, rushed, ridgid, stressed, hurt, you name it. These feelings, if left undealt with, turn on what we like to call “autopilot.” This term is a basic mechanism of the human brain and nervous system that allows us to process stimuli (things happening around us) in a unconscious way. You know those moments when you drive home from work and forget how exactly you got there?


Fitsom Meditation is flexible and contemporary. A large source of inspiration for our philosophy on meditation stems directly from the Wim Hof Method (WHM). For those of you unfamiliar with what that is, to make a very long and passionate story short, it’s a “health-restoring way of deep breathing.” For a more detailed story on Wim Hof and how he came to develop this method, check out this article from Rolling Stone Magazine. The WHM combines breathing, cold therapy and commitment to fight chronic diseases of our modern world, from anxiety, PTSD and depression, to arthritis and cancer. Call him crazy, but there have been multiple blood tests and studies done on Wim Hof and other students of his method demonstrating that humans can, in fact, manipulate their autonomic nervous system (heart rate, body temperature, etc.) and willingly alter their immunity.


It’s all pretty far-out and amazing information. Like with any new scientific finding, especially those pointing to natural ways of relieving common health issues, it’s not easy getting the word out. These things don’t go viral overnight. In fact, these types of revolutions can take years, maybe even decades before people start to listen. Unfortunately, that’s how the medical system is set up in most places all over the world, but absolutely in the United States. It comes down to Big Pharma — you know, “Big Money.” That’s why changing this system is hard and why the scientific discovery of natural remedies and natural relief is brushed under the rug or portrayed as folklore.


Here at Fitsom, we can see through it all to its truth. There’s something inextricably compelling about Wim Hof, his story and his method. We’ve tied it all back to one common practice: meditation. Through our breath, we can master many difficult tasks and withstand situations that we may otherwise, physically or mentally, give up in. Fitsom Meditation is comprised of Self Myofascial Release classes which we call, Self Care classes, as well as our Cognitive Meditation classes. In both classes, the overarching goal is awareness — awareness of reality, being truly present and having control. At Fitsom, we are sure that by regaining this awareness, which we were born with and get out of tune with as we meld into a “proper” functioning adult, we can build up true resilience and better react to inevitable situations in life.

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